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Praying Mantis

A few days ago a wild praying mantis appeared on my front porch here on the ranch, perched on the edge of a plastic water tray under a potted plant. I’d been told that praying mantises existed here in rural southern Oregon, but had never seen one during nearly ten years of living here. I […]

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Fall photos of the ranch

Walking on the ranch through our woods on a fall day with a camera is an invitation to spend hours taking a series of photos of every little scene along the way: “Ooh, what a nice tree!” or “how sharp those thistles look in silhouette” or “those red leaves stand out so brightly against the […]

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PhotoCycle – awesome info for photographers

If you like photography, it’s always good to hear from master photographers about how they get some of their great shots. My old friend Marc Silber has put together a video called PhotoCycle where he speaks with Michael Adams, son of the photography giant Ansel Adams, about some of the techniques and process used by […]

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Spring is here at last

Just a couple of weeks ago our grandkids were building little snowmen after what was probably the last snowfall of the season: It seems like Spring only arrived yesterday, in that we haven’t had to have a fire going in the woodstove the last couple of days. That’s a lovely break as it seems like […]

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Snowing today…

Ranch life has its perks and today was full of them. It snowed pretty steadily from about midnight last night to this afternoon, when the sun broke out and we bundled up to go out and look at the winter wonders. This is an oak tree up the hill from our house, burdened with about […]

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Recent photos

I’ve been taking walks lately, usually in the afternoon, sometimes just before dark. The lighting on these walks varies from direct sunlight to light that is reflected off the clouds, to the gold of sunset and the “crepuscular” light of twilight. Always a challenge to know how to shoot photos of some of the views […]

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Clearing of head

Every once in a while, when doing web design, it is necessary to get up from the computer and get out and take a walk to clear one’s head. I usually take my favorite walking stick, my dogs (Max & Xena), camera (Pentax K-10D), gun (holstered 9-mil Sig Sauer), hat and gloves, because I live […]

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