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Fall colors

This maple tree clings to the top of a large rock on the side of its hill. I see it every morning when I walk out Charlie Rock Road, and it is currently bright yellow with its fall foliage. Click to see larger image.

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South Fork Coquille River

The South Fork of the Coquille River, about 5 miles south of Powers along County Road 219 (which turns into National Forest Development Road 33), cuts a beautiful channel through the hills. There are lots of waterfalls including this one, Elk Creek Falls, which is about 50 yards from the road. (more…)

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Beehive – honeycomb

Late in October 2010, before the rains started in earnest for the year, we did some burning on “Hell’s Half Acre”, our Oak Savanna restoration project here on the ranch. The burning was done to get rid of endemic poison oak and invasive blackberries, salmonberries and Douglas Fir trees, among others, that had pretty much […]

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Bainbridge Ferry & Seattle

My daughter Desi and her twin girls went along with me to visit my sister near Poulsbo, Washington in early October. It’s a long trip by car from our ranch in southern Oregon, but some of the views were spectacular and we had a great time. This is a view of Seattle seen from the […]

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Spider Webs

Today in the space of five minutes walking around the ranch I saw three different spiderwebs — all made by the same species of large brown spider. These spiders are about an inch long, quite fat and horrible up close. The stuff of nightmares. But they make pretty webs and catch flies, flying termites, whatever. […]

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