Locked down

I write this during the lockdown in place in Washington State, in the midst of the CV-19 pandemic pandemonium.

My wife and I are not watching the news because the raw facts are upsetting enough, without being twisted by hyperventilating, data-distorting, lying, and agenda-driven newscasters. I dislike and distrust the slanted, biased nature of modern “news” and long for the days of Walter Cronkite, who seemed fair and actually presented both sides of a story. In other words, a newsman with integrity.

Instead, we are monitoring various websites for actual statistical data:

We are fortunate in that we are in good health, our family is also, and we are working away from our home office on various projects lined up before the economy was shut down. We are not among the millions of suddenly jobless people without a source of income. Since we have worked from home for decades, that’s nothing new. Going to the store as infrequently as possible, while wearing masks and gloves and staying at least six feet away from others–that’s new and somewhat disturbing.

The next few weeks will be something else…

The church I attend is closed by order of the Governor, along with all other “non-essential” activities. Well, I have some strong disagreement with that categorization. My religion is essential to me.

I am, among many other things, a minister and very active in my church. Our parishioners gain strength from each other and the agreements and activities we share.

While I see the wisdom in social distancing and wearing gloves and masks and not congregating in big groups, legally forcing the closure of an activity that COULD be safely done, just because YOU consider it non-essential, seems intolerant and misguided, as well as heavy-handed. That’s not what happened in Texas, and it’s not what had to happen here.

We are hoping that we can get all get back to some semblance of normal in early May, after the curves have flattened, and before the economy flat-lines too!

This photo shows how the DMV is still able to issue renewal tags for cars, through closed doors. First pay online, then pick them up through the slit between the doors. This photo was from a couple of weeks ago, before masks and gloves became mandatory daily wear.

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