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If you like photography, it’s always good to hear from master photographers about how they get some of their great shots. My old friend Marc Silber has put together a video called PhotoCycle where he speaks with Michael Adams, son of the photography giant Ansel Adams, about some of the techniques and process used by Ansel Adams during his career. Shot against the background of Yosemite, where Ansel Adams lived and photographed many of his most memorable photos, it is a very informative, lively, and instructive video. This is only the first one, and I can hardly wait for the rest of them to come out. They include some video clips of Ansel Adams speaking about his process of visualization of the shot before he took it. I also realized that many of these shots are darkroom masterpieces, which if simply developed and printed would never have achieved the detail and contrast that his best pictures had in them. A lot of darkroom wizardry went into making some of those famous prints. It makes me less self-conscious about the tweaks I do on my own shots in PhotoShop. to heighten the colors, clean up the contrast, and sharpen the images. I’m going to start experimenting in my own photography based on what I’ve learned from this one video. Should be fun!

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