If We Live Forever

If we live forever,
We do a terrible job of it.

If we live forever,
We should be able
To soar limitless
In or out of bodies at will,
Transcending the
Warnings of pain,
Unfettered in our
Romp through time.

Living forever,
We would remember
That we have been,
All that we have done.
Every sensation,
Every wonderful

If we were to live forever,
We would be thinking
Mainly of the
Quality of our survival
As immortals.

We would be protective
Of our freedoms,
We would be
Forced ourselves
To live in any
Too clever trap
We created.

We might spend
Less time criticizing
Our surroundings
If we knew they
Were our own making.

We might hate our
Enemies a little less
If we knew they were
The children of
Our children’s children.

If we lived
Forever we
Would not treat
Each other so shabbily.
If we knew
That those we brushed
Aside or blew off
Would come around again
With long memories
Of ancient evils, ours.

If we lived forever
The simple knowledge
Of our living on
Might light our
Lives from within.




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