Jere Matlock

Jere Matlock began writing in the ’60’s and has written hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, but does not consider himself a reporter. Heaven forbid! As any of you working reporters out there know, you are given your story (and its “slant”) by the editor of the paper/magazine. Any “reporting” you do after that is simply finding out details that fit the editorial slant you are given, based on the affiliations of your newspaper or magazine, as determined by its owners and advertisers.

Jere MatlockAlthough the facts thus “reported” may all be accurate, the truth itself often suffers greatly from this system. You see, it is “Controversy” that sells papers. It may sell papers, but in its presentation often creates tremendous bias against the righteous with truth on their side, while gaining sympathy for the truly evil. Mr. Matlock refuses to participate in this omnipresent scam. If you have led an insular existence and need examples of this, he will be happy to enlighten you. He may rant at you about Dan Rathers’ doctored interviews at great length.

It is also true that Jere is very entertained by the concept of deadlines and how closely editors take them to heart.

Since 1995, Jere has earned a living as a web designer and website marketing expert. His commercial website, Words in a Row is full of practical, free advice on how to market products and make money through websites. His main niche is in search engine optimization (SEO) – getting websites to show up in the search engines. He has many clients with #1 spots at Google and Bing for their main key word phrases. Most of his clients come to him by word of mouth – there is often a waiting list for his services.

Jere has also written several books, some of which you can sample or buy here.

After a very busy stint working for Warner Brothers, for the past few years Jere Matlock has sought to simplify his life. He is now a self-described part-time “gentleman rancher” who lives on a timber ranch in Southwestern Oregon near the Pacific. Being a timber rancher is fairly easy–it mostly involves standing around watching the trees grow. Even though they grow about four feet a year, that gets boring very fast, especially during the long rainy winters. Which leaves ample time for him to write mildly amusing third-person descriptions of the long, rainy winters–such as this one, and for him to design websites and market products online.

Jere Matlock is also a published poet, and here you can read some of his poetry. Warning: You may actually understand these poems.

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