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Snow Day

Today we’re enjoying about six inches of snow on the ground here in the Seattle area. The dog and I walk a mile every morning, and this morning was no exception; we saw people sledding down the driveways, shoveling out paths through the snow to their mailboxes, and driving three miles an hour down our […]

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Poppies & Sunshine

These poppies came in a “wildflower mix” which we planted in one of our garden boxes. We’re quite happy with the colors — they lend a cheerful note to the entire garden. These pretty but clownish-looking marigolds surround our tomato plants — they are “sacrificial” plants we hope the bugs will eat instead of tomatoes.

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Walking through sunset

Walking has some benefits other than just lowered blood pressure and a feeling of inner peace. Walking gives one the opportunity to see things that would otherwise have been missed. Today was an ordinary day of nondescript summer weather here — sunny and warm with some haze, but unremarkable in every way. I procrastinated on […]

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Everlasting Peas

In driving around Oregon you will see, on the side of the road, many kinds of wildflowers. One that is especially pretty is the everlasting pea. For the last four years, I have gathered seeds from these roadside plants in an attempt to grow some here on the ranch. (more…)

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Elk in the Yard

These elk were in our yard, at the end of our driveway, about 80 yards from the house. I had been disappointed with similar shots taken of elk in basically the same scenario, because the zoom lens that came with my Pentax K10 (a fully automatic 18-55 lens) just didn’t zoom in enough to get […]

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Hummingbird Math

Being in coastal Oregon, in the middle of nowhere, we get to see a lot of hummingbirds. We were doing some necessarily “fuzzy” (or maybe it was “feathery”) math the other day based on how much one hummingbird can eat in a day, and how much sugar-water nectar we are feeding them. (I took the […]

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