Eclectic links worth visiting:

Words in a Row SEO Tutorial – My business website. Get tons of great, practical advice about how to design a website to help market your products online. – This site does wonderful things about world hunger. Stop in and give a hungry family a milk goat or a bee hive! It will take you five minutes, $25.00, and do your morale a world of good.

The Way to Happiness – a non-religious moral code based on common sense. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Reading, reflection and time have convinced me that the interests of society require the observation of those moral precepts … in which all religions agree.” For a limited time you can download a free ebook version of The Way To Happiness.

The Patriot Post – a conservative email newsletter published daily by Mark Alexander, throwing the light of reason on political matters. This is not Rush Limbaugh or Ollie North blowing hard, this is another look at matters as reported by left-leaning media, after stripping away the varnish of socialism and multi-culturalism. They find the most interesting quotes of the week and publish them. You won’t find most of them anywhere else.

Narconon drug rehab – helps get people off drugs without getting them addicted to new drugs. They have an amazing complete recovery ratio; after two years, about 70% of their graduates have not gone back on drugs of any kind. They deliver the miracle-making technology of the Purification Rundown developed by L. Ron Hubbard to get and keep people off drugs by getting rid of the physiological cravings.

Addiction Resources – It’s not affiliated with Narconon or Scientology, but has a ton of useful, helpful information about drug addiction; how to spot it, how to help someone who is addicted.

Addiction Guide – A resource for those dealing with addiction themselves or in a loved one, written by an ex-addict.

A Few of my Clients

  • One of the top real estate agents in Portland, Oregon. Nice people! We recently updated their website to the Bootstrap platform.
  • Front Sight Firearms Training Institute out in the desert near Las Vegas, is the largest firearms training facility in the US, training more people in how to safely use firearms than all the other schools in the US put together.
  • Miami Condo Lifestyle — my client has one of the most helpful and informative websites about the hundreds of condo buildings and thousands of condo units for sale in Miami at any given time. We recently cloned his site into a Spanish version. All database driven and all doing very well for its search terms.
  • Birdseye Maple – a great place for woodworkers and craftsmen to obtain birdseye maple. This client is the largest distributor of Birdseye Maple in the world.
  • Professional Duct Cleaning Los Angeles – this very successful website dominates its regional area in the Google search results. An excellent, ethical business.
  • Sleep Release – Having trouble sleeping? Get some “Sleep Release”, a Chinese herbal concoction that helps me get to sleep faster and sleep longer. Highly recommended.
  • Body Oasis – a place for therapeutic massage and body work, from the awesome Lisa Gray.
  • Bioperformance Physical Therapy – Dr. Ray Zolman’s website. Ray specializes in helping athletes perform better!


Center for Studies on New Religions – CESNUR gives a mostly unbiased look at what’s happening with Scientology in Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.

Get Clear! – an article about Scientology from an Indian Perspective. Interesting to see someone piece together the connection (there is one!) between Scientology and ancient Indian philosophy, from the Indian viewpoint. – I had some discussions with the editor of this independent site about his pages on Scientology. He was very hard-headed, but something I said must have soaked through, because the resultant changes he made in the article make it a lot more truthful in its discussion of Scientology.

What is Scientology – a good overview of the subject. Why does it need an overview? Because it has so many pieces: drug education and rehabilitation, promotion of literacy through specific tools, handling of spiritual trauma, self-improvement, etc.

The Scientology Handbook – well, it’s way too big to be a “hand”-book, but it does have all the basic information in it. Worth reading and applying; when I review it I see many tools that have changed my life for the better.

CCHR Section

CCHR is the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz. I’ve been a member since 1972 when I first found out about it. It is a citizen’s watchdog group—apparently the only one that exposes the human rights abuses of the psychiatric profession. If you’ve ever seen a banner at an APA convention that said “PSYCHIATRY KILLS”—that’s CCHR at work!

CCHR Oregon – my friends over at CCHR Oregon.

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