Walking through fog

As I write this, it is foggy here on the Chandler Ranch in southwest Oregon. My dog and I walked up the hill to the 8.5 mile marker, which is a mile from the house and about 400 feet higher, so it is pretty well uphill all the way. The fog lasted only until we were at Hell’s Half Acre, our oak savannah, which is above the landing where the radios that connect us to the internet are located. Above that, we were in the clear. With the sun coming up through the top of the fog layer at Hell’s Half Acre, I took this photo of one of our madrone trees with rays of light coming through it. Five minutes later, the fog had burned off there.

Walking two miles a day no longer seems exhausting — it is invigorating. I look forward to it.

Fog, sun rays, madrone

(Click image for larger image)

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