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Democracy in the Middle East

I just read Ken Blackwell’s essay called “Purple Fingers Aren’t Enough”. He has given eloquent voice to the thoughts running around in many of our heads as we watched the revolution succeed in Egypt. In effect, most of what he said can be summed up in the quote he gives from Edmund Burke: “Men of […]

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In memory of Baby Indiana – why we need to stop “The Mother’s Act”

This heartwrenching video about Baby Indiana, born with breathing problems caused by her mother taking the antidepressant Effexor during pregnancy, points people to the Unite For Life website. The video is a photo documentary of the problems leading to the death of this beautiful baby girl. The purpose of the insidiously named “Mother’s Act” is […]

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Dennis Clarke: How Psychiatry is Making Drug Addicts out of America’s School Children

Dennis Clarke, whom I’ve respected for about the last 30 years, has been a very hard-hitting spokesman for Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights. His television appearances are memorable and intensely enjoyable; he has enough facts memorized to go up against any psychiatrist in a debate and expose the pseudo-science and lack of any scientificfoundation of […]

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CCHR Public Service Announcement

This PSA from Citizens Commission on Human Rights is emotionally powerful and completely truthful. Click to view Candace PSA, which urges people to find out the facts about suicides and anti-depressants. So far approximately 63,000 people have committed suicide while on anti-depressants. These drugs CAUSE suicidal and homicidal ideation — that’s psych speak for creating […]

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