Anti-Scientology Task Force Closing Down in Hamburg

Another one bites the dust: the City of Hamburg, Germany, is closing down its Anti-Scientology task force. They cite economic hardship as the reason. One could also deduce that a decade of human rights violations and a total failure to accomplish anything had something to do with closing it down.

The driving force of that task force, Ursula Caberta, took a $75,000 bribe a few years back from an anti-Scientologist and was fined 7,500 Euros in 2002 for that corruption. She’s now going to work in the city’s Interior Ministry. As one of my sarcastic friends put it: “There she will presumably still fret and pace over the grave public dangers of Scientologists’ work in literacy centers, drug-abuse prevention and rehab programs, morality campaigns, prisoner reform work, and Volunteer Ministers’ help to disaster victims.”

So Germany is one small step closer to coming off of the US State Department’s list of countries that persecute minority religions. They have a few miles to walk down that road.

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