Nigerian Scam Moves Headquarters to United Nations

Today I received a spam from the United Nations — well, at least it *says* it is from a Mr. Tim Peterson of the United Nations Department of International Fraud Surveillance and Control– claiming to have shut down the bank accounts of the unethical and fraudulent Nigerian scammers. But not to worry, my funds are safely being held in trust by the United Nations [obviously stolen UN logo inserted here].

After laughing myself silly, I realized that Mr. Tim Peterson is only doing in the online world what was done decades ago in the actual United Nations. Nigerian and Ivory Coast scams and influence peddling, outright bribes, corruption, as well as other international fraud of every hue, color and creed, crept from the back alleys of Lagos to the back halls of the UN, where it has spread and festered since its creation in 1945, over time creating the gross corpus of today’s United Nations, which now resembles nothing more than a thoroughly corrupt, bloated and incompetent whore.

The UN was created with great pomp and ceremony at the end of World War II, with the stated purpose of preventing wars between countries. It has failed time and again to do this (has it *ever* succeeded at this?) instead lining the pockets of its members with funds primarily fleeced from the United States. It was created to help enforce human rights around the world. But during the UN’s watch, China murdered millions of its own citizens. Russia murdered millions of its citizens. Vietnam and other southeast asian countries murdered millions of their own citizens, while the UN postured and posed and in the end did nothing. Brutal pogroms and genocides happen with alarming regularity in countries across Africa, with the UN troops *participating*, not preventing.

I’m sure there are many people working for the UN who believe in its mission and do not participate in its omnipresent scams. But they are a minority.

The League of Nations was scrapped when the UN was formed, because it was ineffectual at preventing World War II.

It is long past the time to look at scrapping the United Nations (the United States pulling out of it would do the trick as it would collapse from lack of funding!) and replacing it with a more effective group.

What’s your view?

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  1. Murray Grossan July 27, 2009 at 8:21 pm #

    We send many millions to Africa while Africa suffers. Meantime there are BILLIONS being stolen by the various dictators and deposited in Swiss and other banks. Suppose those billions were returned to the rightful owners – the citizens? Hospitals, roads, farming, clinics, homes, schools would be built overnight.
    Worse the Bill Gates foundation has millions to contribute yet they monitor to see that it isn’t stolen. No luck.
    Write to your congressmen to unlock the stolen money from Africa from the Swiss Banks.

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