Dennis Clarke: How Psychiatry is Making Drug Addicts out of America’s School Children

Dennis Clarke, whom I’ve respected for about the last 30 years, has been a very hard-hitting spokesman for Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights. His television appearances are memorable and intensely enjoyable; he has enough facts memorized to go up against any psychiatrist in a debate and expose the pseudo-science and lack of any scientificfoundation of their most cherished and idiotic beliefs about brain chemistry, chemical imbalance, etc. He’s written this linked article about the whole process of the wholesale labeling and drugging of children by psychiatry in the schools.

If you’re in the life of a child who has been falsely labeled as ADHD or OCD, based on completely subjective criteria and without any actual medical tests, PLEASE do yourself a favor and contact and get help to get out of this trap. The drugs they put kids on are highly addictive — it’s sometimes incredibly difficult to stop taking Ritalin, for example. There’s no need to put up with these bogus labels and no need to keep drugging your child for the rest of his life. First read Dennis’s article and arm yourself with the facts.

They can’t pull the wool over your eyes forever.

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