Human Rights day

Today is offically “blog about human rights day”, and this is my official post about Human Rights. Even though this day is demarcated to be for this subject, I do not blog about human rights only on this day. You’ll find a lot of posts in this blog throughout the year, on the subject of human rights, especially as they relate to the abuses of psychiatry against them.

Here’s a place to read up on what are the basic human rights guaranteed all humans on earth by the United Nations. (Fat lot of good such a guarantee does in most cases, but it was approved into international law in 1948, spearheaded through the old UN by Eleanor Roosevelt after the demise of FDR.) Not a lot of effort from the UN has gone into educating the masses about their existing human rights under international law, but a group called Youth for Human Rights has been working hard at such education for several years, seeking to educate the youth of the world about their basic human rights.

A particularly galling abuse of human rights has recently been brought to light by the Washington Post, which documents about 250 instances of unwilling deportees being drugged against their will when they are put on airplanes by ICE (US Immigration Control and Enforcement). It appears that many of the people being deported are first being sedated against their will using Haldol and other strong psychotropic drugs, (the kind that leave one drooling in a stupor) even when the deportees have agreed to go willingly. This makes them much easier to transport (a wheelchair is all that is required) and “cooperative”. This is of course being done without any medical examination, and is not being done by licensed physicians, but by gangs of burly guards holding the person down and then injecting the deportees through their clothing. My question is, what psychiatrist is prescribing these drugs? How else are the guards getting them except with a prescription? This is an unconscionable abuse of power.

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