Brilliant new video from CCHR – why we fight mass psychiatric drugging of kids

This brilliant new video called “What We Believe” does a good job of outlining why my friends at CCHR (I’ve been a member since 1972) fight the “mental health” screening and mass psychiatric drugging of children, and why we believe that involuntary commitment is a violation of any person’s basic human rights.

If the psychs (and big pharma) have their way — and they’ve put this into the Obama Care health plan — then everyone in America, from birth through their dotage, will be screened at every step along the way, and drugged “appropriately” to handle their “mental health” issues.

If you have never read “Brave New World” I highly recommend it. If you think it could never happen – hell, we’re half-way to the “Brave New World” already, compared to where we were 50 years ago.

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