Ignatius Piazza deserves acknowledgement for his work on Second Amendment Rights.

I don’t often acknowledge individuals on my blog – I prefer to discuss such important issues as Second Amendment rights, psychiatric abuse, or human rights. But I felt compelled to write such an acknowledgement after learning of an offer from the “Millionaire Patriot”, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, to GIVE AWAY a free gun to anyone taking advantage of a particular training course he’s offering at a deeply discounted price. Click that link for details. Ignatius Piazza puts his money where his mouth is. He wants to see more responsible citizens armed and capable, carrying concealed weapons (which they know very well how to use) in schools or on airplanes. He’s offered to train for free any pilot, for example, who can then carry his weapon on an airplane. He’s offered to train teachers for free, if their schools will let them carry a concealed weapon in the classroom.

But what I really wanted to acknowledge was his tireless work in helping preserve our Second Amendment rights under the Bill of Rights. I’ve worked with Dr. Piazza for about four years now, and he is always working on the promotion and protection of our right to bear arms. He is constantly thinking up new avenues to promote our 2nd Amendment rights and has worked with many groups to help keep our right to bear arms from being limited by do-gooder people who can’t confront guns. One of the most effective things he’s done is to open himself up to interviews with the press—if they will first take a 2-day course at his school, so they have some reality on what he is teaching. You can get a free DVD from his site that shows the difference in reporters who have taken advantage of this training—they come in uninformed and skeptical about “all the gun violence” and leave as ardent supporters of 2nd Amendment rights after learning “the comfort of skill at arms,” as he puts it.

Dr. Piazza is a brilliant man whom I highly respect, and I wanted to make an effort to let others know that he isn’t just the founder of the Front Sight Firearms Training Facility out near Pahrump, Nevada, but while building that facility to be the biggest and best-attended weapons training facility in the world, he has also been effectively working to help preserve our 2nd Amendment rights. If you don’t believe me, the videos on this page tell the story—you can hear it from the mouths of many of the top people working in this area of the preservation of our rights under the 2nd Amendment. Get your own copy of the DVD. It’s free and you can request it on that page.

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