Finally Some Factual Data on Anonymous Makes the News

The recent hack by a member of Anonymous of Sarah Palin’s Yahoo email account has brought some negative publicity for “Anonymous”, a loosely-knit buch of wackos who seem to exist for LULZ — a word they use for “getting their jollies” at others’ expense. This article in Wired News about Anonymous details some of their craziness and cruelty. This time the Secret Service and FBI are involved, and one would hope that the particular Anonymous character named Rubico will be tracked down and arrested for his illegal activity in hacking Sarah Palin’s email.

Up until this point, Anonymous has gotten mostly favorable online and MSM press (except for Fox News, which they hacked a couple of years ago). People looked at them as pranksters, but it stops being a prank when it is cruel and destructive. While nothing particularly revelatory came from Sarah Palin’s email account, it created outrage — which is what Anonymous loves to create.

Scientology has been a target of Anonymous for the last year or so — and the Church of Scientology rightly labeled Anonymous as “cyber-terrorists”, who have called in bomb threats on Scientology Churches, harrassed many individual Scientologists (I have been personally harrassed by several members of Anonymous wearing masks outside a Scientology gathering in Portland), initiated DDOS (denial of service attacks) trying to overload the Church’s websites, and so on.

Hopefully this incident with Sarah Palin’s email will generate enough interest within the FBI Cyber Crimes Division to start going after these Anonymous idiots. They may have picked the wrong target to harrass. They’ve made Sarah Palin a victim. How long until the tables are turned? I would expect some action within the next month.

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