Murder Pills

The Sandy Hook murders in Newtown Connecticut have been the trigger for an onslaught of anti-gun legislation. I’ve lost track of the number of bills–last count was about a dozen. I won’t glorify this legislation with the title “gun control”, because the real purpose of most of this legislation is to get rid of guns that those in power do not want us to have. The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is pretty clear about not infringing on our rights in this area: “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

What’s missing from all this is an investigation into the real cause of the violence in our schools. For hundreds of years we’ve had a country with many schools, where weapons were abundant and we didn’t have any shootings like this. Now it seems as if there is a new school shooting every few months. Why?

Here’s what one psychiatrist, Dr. David Healy, says about it. Now, if you’re at all like me, you probably think psychiatrists are about as loopy as they come, and that psychiatry bears the same relationship to medicine that astrology bears to astronomy. Even so, this one seems to have his head partially screwed on right.

Dr. David Healy on psychiatric drugs

See also his website to report the side effects of drugs at

CCHR has been saying that psychiatric drugs were responsible for this increase in violence for about 20 years. So have I, but then I’ve been a member of CCHR since 1972.

There’s an interesting new internet “meme” about “mass murder pills” based on the many requests out there for an investigation into the relationship between psychiatric drugs and violence. Do a Google search for that term and see what’s popping up now.

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