Barack Obama endorses “Mother’s Act”

A letter sent from Barack Obama says he is fully behind the Mother’s Act, which would require “mental health” screening of all pregnant women and new mothers. Of course the only result from such screening is more drugs being sold by Big Pharma, who are the powers behind this particularly nasty piece of legislation. Don’t forget that, despite their PR to the contrary, the drugs on which they put women who are “screened” in this fashion have serious side effects, including suicidal ideation (thoughts of killing oneself) and homicidal ideation (thoughts of killing others). Basically psych drugs can often stop one from listening to one’s conscience. So you get mom’s drowning their children, etc.

Dear Amber:

Thank you for contacting me regarding Mom’s Opportunity to Access
Health, Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression
(MOTHERS) Act (S.1375). I appreciate hearing from you and share your

Promoting affordable and accessible health care is a priority of mine
in the U.S. Senate. Health care is a right for everyone, not a privilege
for a few. Not only must we work towards covering every American, but
coverage must be comprehensive. A truly comprehensive health care system
must provide for medical, surgical, and mental health care.

As a society, we have historically neglected to view mental health
care and medical health equitably. Great strides in parity and
understanding have occurred over the last couple decades, with the stigma
surrounding mental illness decreasing and coverage for mental health
increasing. However, too many health plans continue to offer limited
coverage for mental illness, with high deductibles and co-payments, and
limited coverage for hospital stays and office visits. We should not
neglect those who are suffering from mental illnesses, which are
biologically rooted, scientifically sound, and often, completely treatable.
While there have been steps in the right direction, much work remains to be
done. This is especially true when it comes to postpartum depression and
the mental health of new mothers.

To that end, several of my colleagues have introduced S.1375, which
calls for states to provide to women who have recently given birth
education concerning postpartum depression, postpartum mood and anxiety
disorders, and postpartum psychosis and to screen new mothers for such
postpartum conditions during their first year of postnatal checkup visits.
Currently, S.1375 has been referred to the Senate Health, Education, Labor,
and Pensions (HELP) Committee, one of the committees on which I sit. I
remain deeply committed to mental well-being of our nation’s mothers, and I
will work with my colleagues in Congress to take timely action on this

Again, Amber, thank you for contacting me. I wish you good health,
and feel free to contact me in the days ahead.


Barack Obama
United States Senator

It’s just one more reason not to vote for Obama for President.

To find out more about what the psychs have been up to, and what they have in store for us, visit Especially contact them if you’ve been victimized by a psychiatrist or psychiatric drugging, or if you have a family member who is being harmed by psychiatry.

Psychiatry can’t exist on its own – it requires government funding and the power of the state to continue in existence. Left to their own choice on it, in general, people DO NOT seek psychiatric help as they know it is psuedo-scientific bunk. Your average person won’t pay for it — so “in the name of help” psychiatry is set up to force its betrayal into your life.

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  1. Tara Ericson May 10, 2009 at 2:29 am #

    I support you. By the way your blog was easy to find.

    Today I was ashamed of my dad when I asked if he voted for Obama to which he smugly answered yes. I’ve noticed many people who have voted for him look very smug lately. How can someone be so stupid as to not see in his eyes the contempt for life he has. The whole of them make me sick but not nearly as sick as Obama does.

    It wont just undo. Beings are keeping themselves ignorant lately. They’ve always done it but more so than ever. This propitiation to Oprah and these smug attitudes about voting for Obama, as if they’ve done something so good for their country. Sure for their country which connotes “government” which is quite criminal right now. But for the individual? For the baby who is being loaded which psychotropics and kept from causing his own feelings. A child locked in his mind. A child which is now manageable, like an animal. A being whose free will has been taken away. A being placed in the hands of bad beings who are afraid of anyone getting better.

    Now my parents want to take a driving tour of the old south to ice the cake of ignorance, a place which reminds me of slavery and a civilization which very much deserved to be gone with the wind. Why not the north where people were safe and we fought for freedom? Because deep down they have to be right about slavery, even for babies. To which they supported in voting for their “noble” psych endorsing “president” Barak Obama.

    May they swallow their misdeeds by the bitter mouthful, all of them. They make me sick.

    Signed a very much demanding improvement being.

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