Good Link Building Tips

Good search engine rankings (especially at Google) depend mainly on two things:

  1. Having plenty of good text content that Google can index. Google doesn’t really index pictures well, or flash, or javascript, or videos. Google can’t pick the text out of an image or a Flash presentation or a video. They do a great job of indexing straight text, whether in the form of a .txt file (just text, no formatting!), html files, and PDFs.
  2. Having lots of relevant links to your website from other relevant websites. Note the use of “relevant” in there. If a site or web page has nothing to do with what your site is about, it’s usually a waste of time to get a link from it to your site. But any relevant link is golden!

Link building is an ongoing activity. You can do projects to get links to your site (for example, registering at all the
top directories
.) Once you’re done with that, the head-scratching begins; “Where do I get links to my site?”

Here are two excellent resources for those who are looking for ideas on how to build links to their sites:

Matt Cutts (Google spokesman) talks about organic link building on this video:

New slide show from Wordtracker with 25 ideas to help build links (warning, strong Scots accent!):

By Ken McGaffin, developer of Wordtracker’s Link Building Tool

Makes me want to make some videos answering the common questions I get about SEO, and make some introductory videos about various other subjects such as CSS, html, website hosting, and domain name management — mostly for newbies, but with advanced Q&A as well. How to optimize a WordPress blog, for example, is something not adequately covered out there on the web. Hmmm…..

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  1. Edmund December 20, 2011 at 7:13 pm #

    “Link building is an ongoing activity. ” this is the most time consuming in promoting the website, I guess, what it should be done.

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