Too many kids on psych drugs

Here’s a video of a recent Fox News panel discussion on the consequences of the drugging of America’s kids by psychiatrists being funded by Big Pharma to do so:

The reporter (Kathy Fountain) running this panel starts off with a careful disclaimer that “plenty of parents say they are grateful now for the modern help for their kids with medication.” While such gratitude may exist, it is mis-placed. In most trials, placebos worked better than the psych drugs. And when you consider that the long term effects of what years of drugging a child’s brain can be, and the absolutely frightening level of the incidence of suicide and homicide of the kids on these drugs, the end result may not be something for which parents are grateful in the long run. This despite what might be perceived by a frantic parent at the “improvement” in behavior when a very active, uncontrolled child starts to exhibit zombie-like behavior of tractability and inaction while on psych drugs.

One of our employees here recently gained custody of her children after nearly 10 years of fighting in the courts. Her son came back to her having been on Ritalin and other drugs for six years. She had a hell of a time getting him off the drug, as it is extremely addictive. She is refusing to give him any more psych drugs, despite pressure from her local school, which views all discipline problems and behavior problems as psychiatric problems, not failures in teaching a child morals and how to act. This particular kid has come to the age where he discovered girls, and needs to learn what behavior is appropriate when dealing with them. Knowing our stance on psych drugs, she asked us for any information she could use to prevent them from drugging her boy. We gave her a pile of info and especially the “Psychiatry, an Industry of Death” DVD, which anyone can get from CCHR. She said after watching it that it gave her a whole lot of ammunition to use in her battle to keep her kid off drugs.

What’s ironic is that the school her son goes to has a bunch of street signs posted around it saying “Drug Free Zone”. And yet the school itself is pushing these drugs on her kid! Who’s acting crazy now?

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