protecting us from ourselves…

I didn’t think much of Ronald Reagan when he was in office — he seemed to be, I don’t know, kind of senile or at least off in his own world and not very much “there”. But he made some good speeches, and one of them included this line:

“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from

—Ronald Reagan

And I agree with that statement. The nanny state has given us schools that don’t work, forced betrayal in the name of help (psych drugging of millions of kids) and many stupid laws that limit our freedom.

Instead of the TSA making us toss our tweezers and knitting needles before we get on a plane, they should hand each of us a gun as we board, and swear us all in as Air Marshalls.

It’s difficult to get a freedom back after it is taken away by well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) beaurocrats charged by an uncaring Congress with duties that they should be fulfilling.

When the jokers in Congress don’t even read the bills they vote on, the system is busted.

Maybe we need some Constitutional amendments on the order of: No congressman or Senator can vote on a bill he hasn’t read and attests to understanding. Congress is banned from creating agencies like the FDA, IRS, etc., that then promulgate their own regulations as if they have the force of law. Laws expire every two years unless voted back in by the people. Income tax is repealed.

If we don’t get back to basics, it will just get more and more unweildy until it collapses.

Oh, wait, it already has!

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