SEO of big drug-rehab site

I’ve been working long hours on a large drug rehab site (over 200 pages), taking it out of a Content Management System (CMS) so we can actually optimize each individual page for its keywords; it’s a relatively large project as these things go. It has a ton of drug information to help educate people on the dangers of drugs.

Their CMS system was really getting in the way of doing things like adding a “canonical” meta tag to each page of the site.

Over the years I’ve optimized several smaller drug rehab sites; yesterday I received a nice SEO testimonial from a drug-rehab SEO client in Canada, who is now #1 for her drug-addiction-related search phrases in Google Canada. It’s always great to receive these enthusiastic success stories and realize that what we do actually *does* help people reach the top of Google, and in this particular case, it helps the people searching for help for their drug-addicted loved ones, as well.

I like it when everybody wins.

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