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Scientific proof that Narconon drug education works to prevent drug use

A recent drug education study published in a science journal by a well known behavioral scientist, Richard D. Lennox, and Marie A Cecchini, proves conclusively that the Narconon Drug Education program for high school students drastically reduces drug use among those students. Congrats to Narconon (one of my clients) for this milestone. The Narconon program […]

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Video – Take Care of Yourself

The venerable “The Way to Happiness” Foundation has come out with some new videos illustrating each of the 21 precepts contained in their common sense moral code. That’s the non-religious moral code that is used to teach prisoners and druggies around the world a moral code, in the highly effective Criminon criminal rehabilitation and Narconon […]

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Crack addict – fully recovered

This success story from a Narconon Arrowhead graduate says reams about the way their program works: When I arrived at Narconon Arrowhead, I had lost all hope in life and myself. I was defeated and living on the streets, smoking crack. Being in an abusive relationship brought me so low I felt like I would […]

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