Kid’s view of psych drugs

This video from CCHR gives some perspective from both the parent’s view and the child’s view of the harmful effects of the psychiatric drugs he was forced to take. The parent was forced to drug his child by the court system (he says so) or he would lose parental rights to the child.

I believe what they were forced to experience is wrong on so many levels it is hard to know where to start.

Parents should be making the decisions about what drugs to give their children, not their schools or the courts.

Children should not be being drugged and punished for being children.

They have short attention spans because they are kids, not because they have ADD or ADHD.

They are human beings with rights and should not be being experimented on by their doctors. “Let’s try this, let’s try that”, as this kid says they did to him.

Doctors who ignore black box label warnings in place on these drugs and insist that their patients take them, should be prosecuted for malpractice.

That’s my view. What’s yours?

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