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Crazy SEO Experiments: My Takeaways

Will Critchlow of and Larry Kim of Wordstream recently collaborated on a podcast called 10 SEO Experiments That Will Blow Your Mind. It’s an hour of information that’s well worth watching if you’re tasked with SEO or management of Google AdWords accounts. I pulled out my takeaways from the video and started sending some […]

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Rest in Peace, Yahoo Directory

As of today, if you go to (the familiar URL of the Yahoo Directory) you are redirected over to a directory called “Aabaco Small Business”, Yahoo was quite the directory in its day. We have recommended getting a listing in it since about 1998. Listings used to be free, then they got greedy […]

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How to Count Backlinks

For the past couple of years I’ve been farming out link-building work for my clients, to several companies that have specialized in article marketing. Is Article Marketing for Link-Building Dead? However, the recent Panda updates seem to have resulted in the de-indexing of the majority of all the article marketing links, as far as Google […]

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