Psychs revising their DSM – in secrecy this time

As reported in this article in the International Herald Tribune on this page concerning revisions of the DSM (Note that the International Herald Tribune was turned into the International New York Times and they did not maintain the archives, so all links are broken), psychiatrists are getting together in secret and gathering concensus on what constitutes mental illnesses. The main purpose for putting new disorders in the bible of psychiatry, which contains all the billing codes for psychiatric billing of insurance companies, is to get paid, of course. The general public tends to shun psychiatry, and won’t pay for it directly. But because psychiatrists have hidden their psuedo-science behind a facade of real medicine (to be a psychiatrist you must first become an MD), they can get insurance companies and the government to pay for it. Previous versions of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) required only a simple show of hands by the psychiatrists to vote a new psychiatric diagnosis, like caffeine disorder or math disorder, into being. It was then assigned a number in the manual, and that number is what you need in order to get paid for the diagnosis and prescribe drugs for it. Of course big pharma is all over this, and the pyschs (who are reeling from disclosures this last year that the top psychiatrist who has been promoting bipolar disorder among children, was in fact getting paid millions of dollars by the drug companies making the drugs prescribed for it) have put a $10,000 per year limit on how much money the psychs can accept from drug companies while still working on the new diseases to be added to the DSM.

So when the new DSM V comes out in three or four years, it will contain new mental illnesses that have been brought into existence by a concensus of psychiatrists achieved in secret meetings, so that watchdog groups like CCHR can’t videotape the psychs raising their hands to vote illnesses into existence.

Now psychiatry is reaching for a new low – “secret” psuedo science, where even the psychiatrists who will be expected to use the revised DSM manual can’t know how the process by which the mental illness they are expected to diagnose became a mental illness.

The goal of the drug companies (big pharma) funding all this “research” is to have every last one of us on a smorgasbord of psychiatric drugs, paid for by mandated “mental health parity” laws requiring insurance companies and the government to fund it. And the psychs are their willing puppets. Why? Because that’s where the money is. It certainly isn’t in private practice — where patients just don’t buy it.

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  1. Duerson February 5, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    First reaction when i saw the before and after: awesome.

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