Neurologists Clean up the Carnage from Psychiatric Drugging

As this impassioned article, Antipsychotics Virtually Unfit for Human Consumption, posted by Dr. Fred Baughman, a retired neurologist, over at the Unite For Life blog points out, neurologists are the ones who treat the patients ruined by psychiatric drugs.

There is along list of ailments neurologists treat caused by antipsychotic drugs, such as transient and permanent dyskenesias, tardive (permanent and irreversible) dyskenesia, chronic toticollis, acute oculogyric crises, eye-blinking, forced eye closure, oral-lingual-fcial dyskenisa, Parkinson’s syndromes that are not actually Parkinson’s disease, bulbar paralysis, bulbar dyskenesia leading to aspiration, pneumonia, and death, especially in tehelderly, especially in nursing homes, in bed. Not to mention strokes caused by the drugs. Some of the dyskenesia is so persistent and severe after years on antipsychotic drugs, that they simply grow exhausted and die.

Why aren’t the physicians who prescribe these anti-psychotic drugs aware of their horrific side effects? Because of bogus psuedo-science in the testing these drugs receive, and because the psychiatrists who run the studies and recommend the drugs are deep in the pocket of the drug companies who make them.

Dr. Baughman is quite adamant about it:

“It is one thing for adults to opt to take such medication, it is quite another, as across the US today, for psychiatrists and physicians of all kinds to place entirely normal children on antipsychotic drugs. This should not be allowed.”

“Putting neurologically-, medically-normal children on antipsychotic drugs is criminal and is an act that needs criminalizing.”

2 Responses to Neurologists Clean up the Carnage from Psychiatric Drugging

  1. fred baughman, m.d. January 5, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    thanks for posting. fb

  2. Connie April 1, 2009 at 1:58 am #

    hello ,
    I have a son with mental illness and yes these drugs are awful to watch the side effects , my son asks me if he can stop taking them ? he has now got parylsis in the jaws and is unable to chew , has to wash food down with water , unable to talk at times has to put his finger to his mouth to tell it to open , he is 30 , he has no life now , no friends , no social network , Mental Health just keep puting up the dosage and then moving on so that every couple of visits a new doctor tries out his wisdom { if you can call it that }.

    What do I do watch him dig an early grave or run the risk of saying stop ? lets see what happens , i would give my life to him if I could ,

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