Parents group now 10,000 strong, leads fight against psychiatric abuse of children

The group, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization set up to help educate parents regarding their rights to refuse psychiatric labeling and drugging of their children. It started as two mothers who refused to fold under pressure from their public school to drug their children, and now has more than 10,000 members. If you’re having trouble with your school demanding that your child be be labelled as ADHD or ADD, and drugged with harmful psych drugs like Ritalin, being pushed by Big Pharma, then can help you. They have a public forum where you can ask questions anonymously. It’s a great group with a worthwhile purpose–help support them if you can.

Any parent of school age children knows that they are active, sometimes bouncing off the walls. Especially if you feed them sugar! When school is boring and they are required to sit for hours at a time without moving, it’s no wonder they start to fight between themselves, or talk back to the teacher, or throw things and cut up in whatever ways their imaginations can devise. This has, since the days of the caveman, been the nature of kids. If you want little robots, don’t start with children as they won’t comply with such unreasonable demands. Unless, of course, you drug them to submission. One of my newphews was labelled as ADHD and given Ritalin. He went from being a champion swimmer and communicative, participating member of his family, to being a slack-jawed, withdrawn stoner in the course of a few months on Ritalin. And it was incredibly addictive — the withdrawal nearly tore apart his family.

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