How to Get Off Psych Drugs

Psych drugs such as Ritalin can be incredibly addictive, and can create a host of problems when someone tries to come off of them and go back to a normal life. There are several websites that have been set up to help people do that, offering tried and true advice. One of the best is Point of Return. If you need motivation to do so, check out the CCHR website and watch any of their videos.

And for an inspirational book about getting off of psych drugs, see Alesandra’s book, Deeds of Trust.

It’s not enough to merely decry the abuses inherent in psychiatric labeling and psych drugging, it’s important to offer alternatives and solutions: the sites above do so.

If you’re trying to get someone off psych drugs, or come off of them yourself, then by all means visit those sites, read the book, and DO IT. The wrong thing to do is nothing.

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