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Question: I’m seeking reputable online advertising for my business; I tried Enhance interactive, but felt their service was poor, not big click rip-offs but very few customers were generated. Google is way over priced; At some times they’ve helped. But recently I quit them. I continue with Yahoo adwords, and recently signed up with Microsoft adCenter, but still wish to find more reputable online advertisers. Can you recommend any? I sell botanical products: seeds, herbs, and herbal extracts. – P.

Answer: Google Adwords, in my experience, tends to work better for higher-priced products or services, and not so well for low-priced things. We had a client with a $12.00 bottle of hand cream, set up a Google Adwords Campaign for them, and had to pull the plug on it right away as we could not get a decent return on the investment of Google Adwords dollars.

However, we have clients who sell higher ticket items, and for them Google Adwords is their strongest online advertising vehicle, followed by Yahoo and MSN (both bring in significantly fewer customers than GAW does).

Also, we never recommend to our clients that they sign up for the “content matching” feature of Google, as it has uniformly failed to increase conversions, while adding to the cost of the campaigns. In our experience, you get a much higher return (lower cost per conversion) if you cut off “content matching” so the ads DO NOT display on random websites. The potential and actuality of click fraud is most realized in content matching.

Look for other places to advertise or sponsor. For example, Yahoo used to offer sponsorship of categories in its directory, and that worked for one of my clients (not sure if Yahoo is still doing that).

Look for other websites where you can advertise with a small banner ad. The long-suffering banner ad is sometimes still very much worthwhile. For example, I have a page about optin-email-lists, and the banner ads on it I sell to companies that sell optin email lists. Since it is the #1 page at Google about that subject, it’s worth having a banner ad on it (the advertisers come back, so it must work for them).

There’s a site called (was one of my clients) and they sell banner advertising to the same clients year after year — so it must work for them.

These banner ad companies are advertising through Google Adwords – I’m sure you can find more:

Don’t get into any long-term commitments with these companies until you see if or how well the banner ads pull for you.

There are other methods of online advertising which I list on this page:

Best of luck,

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