Slip-sliding away…

Our county road runs past our house here on the ranch, and up the hill further into the wilderness. There are two houses past ours. Yesterday those neighbors had some trouble getting to town because the road slid down the hill a few feet. The road crew came out and fixed it within 24 hours, but not before we could take some photos.

This was all caused by the excessive rain. In the last week we’ve had 7 inches of rain, as reported by my handy rain gauge. When you get that much rain, the “blue clay” substrate under the road slides down the hill. There are about 25 acres of blue clay, which makes for a lovely oak savanna. But it is hell on the roads around here.

road slide on Dement Creek Road

road slide on Dement Creek Road

Doesn’t look like much until you put a human in for scale:

road slide on Dement Creek Road

After taking those photos I went to the landing nearby and took a few photos of the view from there. This is what you see from Mile Post 8 on Dement Creek Road, about 100 yards from the slide pictured above:

Dement Creek Road

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