Citizens Commission on Human Rights

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a group to which I’ve belonged and which I’ve helped to support financially for about 35 years.

One of my nephews was put on psychiatric drugs as a teenager. He immediately quit being an honor student and star swimming athlete, and became a zoned-out zombie for the next five years, incapable of feeling much of anything. Frankly it was a terrifying experience for his mother (my sister) and the rest of our family. Why was he put on psych drugs? Because of the say-so of a school counselor when he was reported to have problems communicating with his teachers. Basically, for being a teenager and experiencing what teenagers experience, he was labeled mentally ill, a stigma that still haunts him now that he is off all medication. Unfortunately, as personally tragic as his case is, his is one of the mildest examples of what happens to students put on psychiatric drugs. The most extreme examples are what happened at Vtech, at Columbine, and in Springfield, Oregon.

CCHR has put together a video of CCHR highlights of 2007. It was CCHR that helped push through the black box warning labels on psychiatric drugs, who spearheaded the drive to reform the FDA this last year. Enjoy the highlights and help CCHR if you can. If nothing else, everyone should get and see the DVD “Psychiatry, an Industry of Death”.

The more you know about what psychiatry does, the more outraged you will be. Assuming, of course, that they haven’t drugged you insensate already.

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