APA Convention in Washington DC

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) holds a convention every year where they sometimes vote on whether to make up a new mental illness, such as ADD or ADHD or Math Disorder or similar nuttiness. Every year for the last 40 some years, my friends at Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), the only effective group doing anything as a watchdog on psychiatric abuses, picket the APA convention. This year the convention was in DC, and here’s a photo of a billboard mounted on a truck, that gives the truth about what the APA actually does.

CCHR billboard

If you have a hard time reading what the sign says in the image, here’s the translation:

Those who support the American Psychiatric Association support:

  • Turning childhood behavior into “mental disorders”
  • 9 million American kids put on psychiatric drugs causing an estimated 1,300 Deaths per year
  • Drug-induced school shootings causing 46 deaths
  • Negating side effects: suicide, violence and death
  • Putting profit before patients

APA: Making a killing out of drug $$. A $10 Million per year conflict of interest. Visit PsychConflicts.com

The child’s shirt reads: Stop Psychiatric Drugging of Children

Makes me proud to be a member of CCHR!

Who else will stand up to these creeps at the APA if we don’t? Irresponsible, vain, holier-than-thou and immoral, disassociated from the vicious harm they cause to people every day in the name of help. The psychs need to be stopped. Help us in our efforts to stop them from getting every man, woman and child labeled with some imaginary illness and forced to take their pernicious drugs. The more you know about psychiatry, the more you realize they and their effects must be extirpated from this society if it is to have a future.

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