Garden – progress report – Just getting started, really

Thought I would take some photos and share with friends/family our raised bed garden.

Seedlings, waiting to go into the ground as we get the beds completed. We got the seeds from Territorial Seed in Cottage Grove.

The four apple trees planted about ten years ago, which were pruned back in January by Justin Rotter (Good Job!) have bloomed and are thriving. This is the first year we can expect to get more than a handful of apples, come harvest time.

We’ve had Tom Walker working on the garden path down the hill to the garden from the house. The steps were in a sorry state of disrepair, so we had him put stepping blocks in place to make it easier to get up and down the hill.

The first bed – it has broccoli, caluliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage — and a few peas.

Second bed has carrots, beats and beans and peas. Marie says the little blue tractor seat on wheels keep her back from hurting from leaning over weeding, setting up the little drip watering system heads, etc. Some assembly was required on the cart, and we may have over-tightened things a bit. It’s a little “stiff” — impossible to steer if you’re sitting on it.

Bed 4 has onions and tomatoes in it.

Bed 6 had corn in it last year, which did very poorly. This year, we’ve planted broccoli, celery, onions and eggplant. We’ll see how it does.

Five new beds, two by two feet. The center one is for flowers to attract bees. The other four are for squash, and we have some old grid shelving we are going to use to let the squash climb on. We use the yellow cart for weeding and miscellaneous stuff. It’s easier than the wheelbarrow for Marie to use: the sides latch up and drop down so it’s easy to get to the stuff in it.
raised beds for squash
A couple of days later… we put up the recycled “grid shelving” and moved in our benches, and planted the squash.

Two three-by-three foot potato beds. These will get higher as we add dirt and siding, to encourage the potatoes to go higher!

This bed is for sunflowers.
baby sunflowers in raised bed
A couple of days later… these are the baby sunflowers at 3 weeks since the seeds were poked in the ground.

There are now 4 of these arches going from one raised bed to another. They are made from 12-foot fencing panels, and they are high enough to walk under and pick the peas and beans that will be growing on them soon.

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  1. Jeff Anderson April 20, 2014 at 6:49 pm #

    Very Cool! Looked at each of the pictures and enjoyed them all. I also know how much work it is as well as how satisfying it is when the goods come in later.

    Our family gives yours our best.

    Jeff, Nina and Lauren

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