Fall on the Chandler Ranch

When you have to walk every day, you sometimes get rained on. I’ve acquired a North Face rain jacket that keeps me dry even in a downpour. (They should ask me for a testimonial!)

Although today was gray and rainy; here are some photos of the spectacular fall weather we’ve been having here on the Chandler Ranch.

A few days ago we had this micro rainbow form under a storm cloud. Short but intense!

Rainbow storm - click for larger image

(Click any image for a larger view.)

The recent rains have brought the sword ferns back to life and caused a whole new crop of them to sprout from a mossy rock wall.

Sword Ferns - click for larger image

This hill is slowly greening again, as the grasses come back to life on it.

Long Prairie - click for larger image

Lots of rain, with some sunny spots poking through.

Hill with Clouds - click for larger image

And the leaves are changing color on the maple trees.

Fall Maple Leaves - click for larger image

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