Florida Update

December 5, 2003: Wow – it’s been a while. I’ve been producing elsewhere. In the last few months I’ve optimized these sites for the search engines: Aero & Marine Tax Pros, On Target Research, and worked on many others. November was the highest production and income month in the history of Words in a Row. We’re doing really well!

The latest Google Dance, called the “Florida Update” has caused quite a stir. I’m telling my clients to sit tight–Google has shot itself in the head. Why? Its results are now uniformly bad (they don’t make sense), and it will have to fix itself or searchers will abandon Google and go to other search engines to find what they need. I’m betting Google will fix itself quickly. Unfortunately, several of my clients have been hard hit by this google dance and I am busy researching what to do to fix their sites. My think on it is that at about the same time I figure this out, Google will change and soften their filtering. The filter seems to be aimed at commercial sites, trying to remove them from the top of the listings. What a mistake! Commercial sites are the ones that PAY FOR Google to exist. Surely they will fix this.

Meanwhile, ChristmasGifts.com is going great guns, still #1 and getting insane amounts of traffic. The dedicated server it is on (at www.venturesonline.com) is handling the traffic without a hiccup. It’s been wonderful.

I got a very nice note from Bridget, the owner of WoodStock Candy & Fudge – you can see it on the home page at Words in a Row. Made my day. She’s getting tons of orders and has top positioning at Google for “retro candy”, “sugarless candy” and “fudge candy” – the Google Dance didn’t affect her site’s rankings at all.

I was invited to join the poetry blog of Pam and Dean Blehert – hosted at TypePad. It was pretty easy to set up and get going – I’m impressed by TypePad. It was easy to join and post – I can see why people like it. Much easier than editing straight HTML pages such the ones as this site is made from…

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