put my newly learned PHP and MySQL skills to us

Almost finished with a new site where I’ve put my newly learned PHP and MySQL skills to use, here: ArtandSports.com. That site is not pretty (I didn’t do the graphic design, just the back end work on it). The DNS name server changes still need to be made to point the domain to the new site, but the numeric IP address linked to above works. I am very enthusiastic about all that can be done with PHP and MySQL. It’s FAST and easy to use. Next up is a re-design of ChristmasGifts.com – which I have optimized for the search engines since 1998. It has had top placement at Google and most everywhere else since then, for the search phrase “Christmas Gifts”.

Did some SEO work a couple of years ago for this site, Hawaii-Xpert.com[link died]. It was very nice to see them at #2 at Google today for the search phrase “Hawaii vacation package” – their product.

While at Google poking around, I saw that my commercial site,Wordsinarow.com was #6 in a search for “search engine optimizing”. And I’ve gotten a few requests recently for SEO, coming from this link. Hey, it works!

That Gloves In a Bottle site I was working on a couple of months ago has now landed at #20 in a search for “dry skin” at Google. They have set up a very aggressive linking strategy with someone working on it full time, and it seems to be working to increase their page rank. In three weeks they’ve gotten about 100 new verified incoming links.

New subject: I’ve been a member of CATS[link died] – the Citizens for an Alternative Tax System – since it was founded back in the 80’s. There is a petition currently being presented to President Bush and various lawmakers, being sponsored by The Federalist. Please take a second and sign this petition to abolish the IRS: No Income Tax.

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