TeenScreen Lawsuit gets Green Light in Federal Court

Here’s an example of Teen Screen in action. In Indiana, 15-year old Chelsea Rhoades is herded into a room with 10 other kids and put in front of a computer where she has to answer questions yes or no, with no explanations allowed. Asked if she likes to clean, she says “yes”. Asked if she likes to go to parties, she says “no”.

She is then labeled as having “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and “social anxiety disorder”. Now what? They try to require her to take drugs, of course! Psych drugs that cause suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation, among many other side effects.

Outraged that they were not given an opportunity to decline Teen Screen, her parents contacted the Rutherford Institute, and filed a complaint which has now been given the green light to go ahead with its suit of the local school district.

If you view humanism and psychiatry as a religion, as many do (including most emphatically me!) this seems like an incredible case of “establishment of religion” in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States.

Psychiatry is focused in on brain chemistry theories, but has no tests that can actually show chemical imbalances in the brain. Psychs have a belief system that they think everyone should worship. As a teenager I used to read psych textbooks (my step-father had a bunch of them). Even though I have a high IQ (about 150) and was sincerely interested in the mind, these texts made no sense to me. They still don’t. They require accepting assumptions that I am not willing to assume — such as that there is no human spirit. Having seen the difference it makes when one has a spiritual outlook on life as opposed to thinking all is derived from mud — and understanding that we are not just human bodies but spiritual being attached to human bodies, with minds that can be problematic, gives a person the foundation needed to live a happy, productive life in his own estimation.

If one is just a pile of chemicals, there is no responsibility. If that’s true there is no love — only chemical interactions.

My dog has more acknowledgement of life in him than most psychiatrists.

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