Germans & Scientology

Well, things are getting crazy in Germany again – instead of banning Judaism as they did last century, they are trying to ban the Church of Scientology (which they’ve never recognized as a church despite its religious bonafides) out of pure old-fashioned NAZI-style bigotry.

For the truth about what Scientology is and does, go to or to some of its many activities for social betterment, such as Citizens Commission on Human Rights or Narconon, or its worldwide literacy crusade, or read any of the basic books on Scientology for yourself.

I’ve been involved for 36 years, and been an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology for over 30 years.

The odd thing is that any mention of Scientology in the news helps to swell its numbers — because people are curious.

My first exposure to Scientology was through a person who was very much anti-Scientology. She had done some services back in the 1960’s, and when I met her in the early 1970’s she was rabidly anti-Scientology, even though she raved about how much it had done for her personally. Some people just can’t have real help, and it had helped her a great deal in her ability to communicate, and in her self-realization. Even I could see that she communicated better than 99% of the other people I knew. She was more “there” and more alive. She told me this while ranting at me various reasons that I shouldn’t go check it out for myself.

At that time, I was withdrawn, painfully shy, and couldn’t talk to people, especially new people. I wanted to be able to communicate better. So I took the simple communication course at the local Scientology center in Portland, and that little course in communication completely changed my life. Everything I’ve done in it since has been helpful to me personally.

The crap I find online about my religion is religious bigotry, pure and simple. That it should be unfashionable (and politically incorrect) to bash Jews, Christians, Muslims or Hindus, Native American earth worshipers, or Wiccans, and yet be acceptable to bash my religion — Scientology — seems fundamentally unfair and an injustice of some magnitude. Especially when you know, as I do from decades of personal experience within this religion, that it is trying to help individuals survive better and so to help Mankind survive.

Like I said, some people just can’t have help. Especially, it seems, the German government.

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