Working on Gloves in a Bottle site

Been too busy to write much. Mostly working on this site: – which is now done. I took the site from a five-year old design into the modern era, out of tables and into CSS. It all validates against the W3C standards, too, because I didn’t want to have any problems with the site in the search engines. I am trying to get it to rank highly for the phrase “dry skin” – and I put enough content about that phrase into the site to make that ranking likely. The only thing missing is links TO the site from other sites, for a higher page ranking. Even so, the pages are mostly a 5 page rank as they stand now – those rankings will be updated with the next Google Dance and I am curious about where they will rank then. I tried to keep the pages named the same from the old site to the new site, but some of them required redirection as the pages simply don’t exist any more.

(Note from 2015: as of about 2008, the Gloves in a Bottle site has had a different design than the one I did. They hired a new graphic designer and I’ve optimized the site so it ranks pretty well for “dry skin” and other terms.)

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