Mixed feelings on Matrix Reloaded

Well – having seen it, I have mixed feelings on “Matrix Reloaded”. Visually stunning at times, almost overwhelming with the sheer number of things happening simultaneously on the screen. Wildly imaginative, this movie has three of the best, most innovative fight sequences ever produced on film. The car chase scene will be the standard against which all others are judged from this point forward. Although the whole thing is supposed to have a modern cartoon edge, and we know it was produced with a heavy use of computer graphics, sometimes in the stop action sequences Keanu Reeves looks like a wildly contorting wax figure with no detail to his face – a featureless animated avatar. Maybe the famous Wachowski Brothers wanted that look for things happening inside the Matrix – I don’t know. It didn’t work for me. And too many people left the theater shaking their heads, not understanding where it was headed when it ended so abruptly. I hope they make back their $300M!

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