Three legs for good rankings at Google

Question: Blunt question that you can hopefully answer very briefly: Is website optimization still productive? I heard from one of my partners’ website designers that you’re not supposed to put in keywords any more because the current browsers like Google use spiders that only look at actual content rather than a list of keywords. If that is the case, are there still other things you can do besides paying for it, to get good placement? Don’t tell me what, just tell me IF this is still a valuable service! Or is that not strictly true?

Answer: Yes, optimization is still very important.

Top placement at Google (which I routinely get for my clients – see references) requires three legs:

  1. The site has to have good textual content. Not just videos or Flash.
  2. The site needs to be optimized, so Google finds the right keywords everywhere it needs to. (Your friend was right that keywords meta tags are basically ignored, but there’s a lot more to optimization than stuffing a keyword meta tag full of keywords — that hasn’t worked since last century!)
  3. The site needs lots of relevant links to it from other websites.

I can help in all three of those areas. Feel free to call me at 541-655-0285 for a free 15-minute consultation.

Jere Matlock
Website Design & Marketing / SEO

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