Book: The Scalpel and the Soul

A Harvard-educated neurosurgeon ( Allan J. Hamilton ) has published a new book called “The Scalpel and the Soul” [link moved] speaking out about the times from his experience when patients who were clinically dead (no heartbeat, no brain waves, etc.) recorded what was going on in the operating room, word for word.

This is rather a belated validation of what Dianetics has posited since 1950; that people do record what happens to them when they are in pain and unconscious. People who have had much of our Dianetic counseling will tell you that it is very possible (and relieving) to remember such things. The words that go into such incidents can act very much like hypnotic commands, coercing a person to do many bizarre things because such memories also usually contain pain.

I highly recommend Dianetics to anyone who is interested in finding out what exists in his own mind — the terra incognita half an inch back of our foreheads. You can find out about it at any Church of Scientology, or you can get an overview of it on DVD, at no cost to you.

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