Teen Screen = More Psych Drugs Paid for with Tax Dollars

This is an interesting video from CCHR on Teen Screen, the insidious effort by the P$ych industry to get guaranteed funding for mandatory screening of all children from zero to 18, all pregnant mothers-to-be and all new mothers. My take on this is very easy to state: Don’t let this happen.

When an industry as powerful and as smart as Big Pharma has spent millions of dollars lobbying this effort, you know they are looking for a big payout at the end of it. All in the name of “helping” kids. But practically, of what does this “help” consist? Standardized tests with answers that ANYONE can answer in the affirmative. Yes, I get nervous speaking in front of others. Yes, I sometimes feel sad. It’s called LIFE. To take the honest answers of children from a “mental health screening” and turn them into a diagnosis of some kind of mental illness (take your pick from over 300 listed in the DSM IV, such as “math disorder” or “oppositional defiant disorder”) IS ITSELF INSANE.

Any psychiatrist will tell you that there’s no “cure” for any of these disorders, so of course the only treatment they will get is having drugs forced on them in the name of “help”. And that’s the whole point. Big Pharma and the P$ych industry then have a captive and greatly enlarged set of people on which to foist their drugs, all paid for by the government in the name of help.

It’s happening now – and we can’t let this happen. Please join CCHR in helping to combat this in your state and nationwide. I’ve been a member of CCHR, the psychiatric watchdog group, for 37 years now; this is the biggest psychiatric drug push they have engaged in yet.

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