Antipsychotic drug prescriptions for children down 75% in Florida in one year

As this video compilation of newscasts in Florida shows, prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs for children are down 75% in Florida after a review process was put in place a year ago. In order for a psychiatrist to prescribe powerful and dangers anti-psychotic drugs to children, they must first get approval do so from a review panel. Over 200 psychiatrists in Florida decided it wasn’t worth the effort and never submitted any prescriptions for review — they just switched to other drugs that don’t require a review.

My opinion: they feel they aren’t being bribed enough by the drug companies to make them persist in trying to prescribe those drugs off label to children — and that’s a very good thing.

So this is a real win for the kids of Florida. Now if we could only get rid of that remaining 25%….

I’ve raised three kids, without any psych drugs at all, and with minimal use of other drugs. Aspirin for bringing down a fever, of course. Antibiotics when they had an infection. Novocain (or whatever the dentist recommended) for local anesthetic when having cavities filled, etc. I’m not advocating a completely drug-free lifestyle. Some drugs are incredibly helpful and can be lifesaving. But to prescribe a powerful antipsychotic drug with serious side effects to a toddler because you expect him to sit still in an interview, or focus for more than 30 seconds on some boring subject, is insane. Kids bounce from one thing to another. They don’t often sit still. They don’t always cooperate. They are unruly, especially when they’ve been hypnotized by television for hours at a whack, and when they are fed lots of sugary foods. They get tired and cranky at odd times. When they are really little, they may occasionally throw tantrums and try to bite other kids. Don’t ever leave your tired, cranky three-year old alone with an infant. Supervise them! They aren’t crazy, they are kids! Some kids require adult supervision MOST of the time, to keep them from hurting themselves and others. It can be exhausting and frustrating and irksome and it can require infinite patience, and it is also one of the most rewarding things a parent can do.

Instead of trying to adapt the kids to their environment, try making an environment in which kids can BE kids, without hurting others.

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