Redesigning a site or two

Finished the re-design of this site: Mediations Handled. Starting in on a bunch of re-design work on another site: Free Spirit Art, by taking it out of tables and putting it into CSS, and using PHP and MySQL for keeping track of the images. So it will be easier to maintain this site once we have finished – and the owner will be able to easily add more animal art prints when I am done. When I originally designed this site, it was only supposed to have about 100 prints in it so I put them all in separate HTML pages. Keeping all those pages up to date with changes in prices, adding prints, taking them down, etc., is a real pain for me — and expensive for the owner. So we have agreed that I will put all the print info into a MySQL database and display it using PHP logic. Simple! Well, maybe not… It’s been devilishly hard to get some of the database items to display correctly.

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