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Had a nice win today. My client, Jon P. of Candy Favorites, called me today to let me know that the SEO work we did late in 2003 and early in 2004 is finally paying off at Google. The site now ranks #1 at Google for many of his key word phrases, such as “online candy store”, “Brach’s candy” and so on. He’s elated, and it made my day too! This is a huge site with over 2600 pages, which went live in January 2004 and has had a PageRank of 5 for the last couple of months, but it was NOT showing up in Google (at all!) until today. We tweaked a few things last month and they appear to have been the RIGHT things to tweak, or else the site has now fallen out of the hypothetical “sand box” at Google, into which they put new sites with high PageRank.

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