Q&A re keywords – specific vs. general

Re Keywords – specific vs general

Question: I’m just starting a network marketing biz. It’s about a solution to the problems of wireless connections. Do I focus on the problem words, cell phone and cancer, cell towers and electro pollution? etc.? Or do I go for the solution words, electro-pollution protection? Thanks, H.

Answer: The trick with keywords is to figure out exactly what people are searching for that, if they click on the link to come to your site, your site would be the answer to whatever they are looking for. So I always advise that people go more specific, rather than less. If you try to get the top rankings for “cancer” you’re fighting a battle for a very popular keyword — and yet if someone came to your site it wouldn’t necessarily be the right site for them. They might be looking for “cancer treatment” or “cancer symptoms”.

Also, I doubt someone interested in preventing cancer personally would use such a general keyword when searching.

So “cancer prevention” or “electro-pollution protection” would be good. “Cell-phone radiation” might be a good one, as someone looking for that might well be looking for protection.

I have a client in the #3 spot for “life insurance” at Google—a very competitive term, and quite general. And it is exactly what he sells, so it’s the right keyword for him.


Jeré Matlock
Website Design & Marketing / SEO

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