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Question: A HUGE THANK YOU!!! for your information on getting a website into the directories and registered with the search engines. I’m a total newby and don’t have any money to pay the big boys so I was really appreciative of your willingness to share the knowledge so I could do it
myself. Thanks so much. – C.

Answer: You are very welcome. I hope the registrations work for you.

We also offer a service of hand submission of websites to the top dozen directories and a couple of search engines. The page we use to do this is here: That might be more appropriate for an established commercial website. We’ve found it is really helpful to be listed in the ODP (DMOZ), Best of the Web, and Galaxy, among others. Some of them require payment with submission, and the total amount for the top dozen directories is about $600 in hard costs, listed here:


Jeré Matlock
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